Degree Show weekend.

Time to start blogging again.

This weekend was the opening of DJCAD’s Degree show! It felt a bit weird not having to explain something or think about how our own show would look. It’s even weirder to think that I was in the exact same position only a year ago. Although a lot has changed, walking back into that room with the same people felt no different. However, it was such a relief being able to enjoy it without the added pressure of presenting myself to others. The projects were really good this year too.


(@CassieCMorrison was actually right. Finlay missed an ‘r’)

The room itself was really well done. I think my favourite part was the wall of comments. I’m a sucker for things pinned to walls with bulldog clips  (Pinterest’s fault). I only wish I had thought to take a picture of the whole thing, but unfortunately I was too busy looking around. The wall at the other entrance was nicely done too, a completely different way of showing the progress of projects without the cabinets we had. I’ll try to remember to take photos when I visit again mid week, and actually take note of projects I found interesting. At the moment I don’t think I would be able to do them justice!


We went back to have a look on Saturday as the opening was very busy, but spent most of our time wandering through Graphics, Time based Art and Jewellery. I’m not usually one for jewellery design if I’m completely honest, but I actually liked a lot of the stuff being shown this year. Time Based art was like visiting a science museum and art gallery all in one. We got some groovy photos of us playing with some of the projects.




And Finally on Saturday I had rod staying with me, so after our second tour of the show we went for a late lunch at the Meat House and an evening showing of Godzilla at the DCA. It was everything I had hoped for, perfect monster movie after the disappointment that was Pacific Rim.



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