A preview of my finished prototype ‘Glance’

I’ve always been secretly afraid of how the world is changing it’s reaction to reading. It’s become fairly common knowledge that physical books are slowly being edged aside in favour of e-readers like Kindle and the internet.
I’m a keen reader and a lover of the traditional book store environment, so I decided to base my project on trying to protect and enhance an experience I was already fond of.
This was quite a wide topic for me and I quickly had to narrow down what it was I wanted to focus on. It ended up being the physical browsing and excitement of discovery that lead me to my brief.

My main source of inspiration in this project has been my spontaneous trips to Waterstones. A lot of the design decisions I made towards the direction of my project came from the thoughts I had as I wandered around the store. It made sense to use Waterstones as a target client in the end because I based most of the design decisions around how they work as a company. I think I really needed that in the end, as it helped me design more realistic solutions.

In a society where physical spaces are actively competing against an expanding online shopping experience, it is hard for companies on the high street to maintain the same sales.
Bookshops in particular are slowly becoming redundant as major online companies are providing a faster, cheaper and more convenient alternative to buying books in store. Glance aims to bring part of that online community in store and create a richer browser experience for customers. By linking the online and the physical it is possible to give books more of a presence in store.

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