Interaction Architecture

A week late in posting about our app architecture masterclass, but it has really helped me to get to this stage so I should talk about it.

On Monday we sat down to plan out the structure of an already existing app and then our very own. The act of taking apart an app screen by screen was really beneficial in detailing the finer points that we can sometimes miss, help us determine the over all flow of the app and generally clarify in our mind what the app needs to do.

I had always wanted the app part of my project to be simple and too the point. I had a bit of a moment a few weeks back when I wanted to add more and commercialise the experience, but thankfully have decided against that.

Below is the result of the architecture masterclass, which is my app planned out in full:


As you can see, my app only consists of 4 main screens, one of which is Twitter. I think this is important because I’m trying to encourage the user to spend as little time as possible on the app.

Since then I’ve managed to start putting together the finer points of my intended design on photoshop. So far so good..

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