Interface Progression


I always wanted a segment of the book to be visible because I felt the users needed that visual connection between the physical and the digital. This feature still remains, but it has changed from a vertical to horizontal layout. There were many design flaws with the vertical version, all related to readability. I liked the vertical version because it had a good connection to the way in which we read, Ie, something about the strip you could see was reminiscent of a book spine, but ultimately usability is the main factor here and something had to be sacrificed.

However, I like the way the new version looks. I changed the colour from pink to orange. The pink ended up giving of the wrong vibe and it was described as ‘girly’. It wasn’t a bad thing, but it wasn’t the tone I was going for.

The navigation required a lot more thought than I originally planned. The three buttons I had in the first version weren’t the most useful or visually appealing way to show what I want.
I ended up ditching these and considering how people would be able to re-scan the books in store. I have made the main feature of the app the large ‘g’ button at the bottom of the page, which alerts the user to where they are in the app, how to get back and creates a sense of continuity in it’s architecture.

I think coming up with a name helped me move forward on the branding of the app overall, which in turn influenced how it functioned.

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