It’s allliiiiive.

I finally got the twitter functionality working with my leds. I’ve managed (with the help of the wonderful Ali Napier) to allocate an led to each book title, which will light up whenever the name of the book is tweeted. It’s only a small step and I need to play with it a bit to getting it working out side my own twitter account and with more than 3 leds. It’s my first time working with json files and php, but luckily the processing and arduino parts were familiar.



The next step in this part of my project would involve Electric Imp, which I’ve been learning about this week. This small device will be able to connect my project to the internet wirelessly. If we get it working it there would be no need for a computer, which would help in making it look better overall.



And lastly, I’ve started looking at solutions for the app side of my project. Originally I was going to make a web based app, but due to the complications that might arise when trying to access the camera/scan a code, I’ve decided it might be better using a method that already allows me to do that. I’ve used xcode before in a previous project last year, but it lacked proper functionality. It might be a bit of a steep learning curve, but I think because I have so few screens it might be the better option for me right now.

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