Just Keep Scanning

My app can finally scan things! I’ve been working away on the html side of things, getting it to show reviews/look better, that I’ve not managed to get it doing the main functionality which is scanning barcodes. I’ve mentioned before that I’m ditching the QR codes in favour of barcodes mainly because books already have isbn barcodes which I can use.

I’ve been using Zbar, which I’ve had working to a point for a while. I originally tried Redlaser, but I couldn’t quite get it to work. Zbar was really easy to get working as it turns out, but the trouble lay with getting it to direct to a url. However, I got a little help getting the barcode to open and it is now working. In xcode I could link it to a webview, which managed to bypass the problems I was having with browser bars.

All in all it was really satisfying to be able to scan a book and see my web app appear. I still have to make it look nice and link up all the barcodes to their book, but I’m really happy it’s scanning.


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