Mucking about in Illustrator.

In an effort to maintain my blogging I’ve decided to share with you one or two things that I’ve been learning in Illustrator. I’ve always preferred Photoshop because I like to draw and thought that Photoshop was the best medium for enhancing my sketches but, I have now had my eyes opened to the wonder that is Illustrator (a bit late, I know..).

The first thing I wanted to do was make a stamp. I had recently received a magazine for Office Shoes in the post and liked the look of the sales stamps they had used. I found a few nice and simple tutorials online that teach you the basics of how to curve your text and created repeating circles. The results are as follows:


I will also post the videos that helped me out:


After I played with that I decided to have a go at the pen and shape tool. I haven’t got any good examples of what I have managed to do with it, but I tried some online tutorials in an effort to teach myself all the tricks.

I’m still learning but I’ve found that I already feel confident that I can do most things on it already, which is quite a nice feeling.

Here’s a paper crane I threw together when I was mucking about with shapes. If I do anything else that is particularly pretty or nice I’ll try to post it.

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