Oh April..

Not long now until everything is due to be finished. I can’t say I’m close to having most things done, but I’m certainly nearer.

Last week I paid a visit to Waterstones to discuss borrowing some books from them for the degree show. The manager was more than happy to help me in any way, but in the end I decided to purchase the books instead of borrow them. I had a few reasons for this, most of which came down to convenience. The manager told me he could potentially only lend me the books for the shortest possible time, ie the week of the degree show, which would mean I would have no books to work with up until then. I need the books to be present so that I can grab their barcode numbers, as it now seems that I’ll be using barcodes instead of QR codes. I also needed to see them all laid out, know which ones I could get and how much room they would take up. New Designers in July was also something I wanted to take into consideration, as I doubted Waterstones would let me take 10 books of theirs down to London for a week. In the end I spent a fair bit of money on it, but I think it will be worth it in the end. Seeing the books lined up and finally in an order which would be a fair represenation of a shelf is a nice feeling. I chose the classics because I think as a genre they’re the less judged or stereotyped. If I had chosen the horror section I think there would have been an entirely different response to the project.




1. My entire thought process has been founded by my views on Waterstones. This includes their stores layout, atmosphere, look and decisions. For my final piece I’m going to try to use those thoughts and allow the final thing to resemble a shelf in Waterstones as closely as I can.

My battle has been to produce a shelf that will be able to house all my electronics/arduino. The last time I showed it on here it was looking a bit like a little box, but after the feedback I received from my mark ii hand in I’ve decided to make a traditional shelf that will be put on the wall, not a plinth. So far this is proving to be more difficult than I had planned, but hopefully it will all come together in the next 1-2 weeks.

2. I’ve changed the design of my app due to the occasional piece of feedback I’ve been given and because I was never sure about it. I had a look at some other apps on the market(not necessarily for books) and am in the process of changing that. So far it’s looking a lot better.

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