Mark 2 Prep

The other half of my project is looking good too and so far I have my twitter account linked with 8 different leds representing separate books. I took a trip down the the dreaded workshop (a place I never go) to get help actually building something other than tattered cardboard box, and they’ve have agreed to help a girl out. I’m going back tomorrow and someone is hopefully going to teach me the ways of the workshop.


It’s allliiiiive.

I finally got the twitter functionality working with my leds. I’ve managed (with the help of the wonderful Ali Napier) to allocate an led to each book title, which will light up whenever the name of the book is tweeted. It’s only a small step and I need to play with it a bit to getting it working out side my own twitter account and with more than 3 leds. It’s my first time working with json files and php, but luckily the processing and arduino parts were familiar.



The next step in this part of my project would involve Electric Imp, which I’ve been learning about this week. This small device will be able to connect my project to the internet wirelessly. If we get it working it there would be no need for a computer, which would help in making it look better overall.



And lastly, I’ve started looking at solutions for the app side of my project. Originally I was going to make a web based app, but due to the complications that might arise when trying to access the camera/scan a code, I’ve decided it might be better using a method that already allows me to do that. I’ve used xcode before in a previous project last year, but it lacked proper functionality. It might be a bit of a steep learning curve, but I think because I have so few screens it might be the better option for me right now.

Mark 1 Progress

Today is about trying to get my mark 1 prototype to be something more than a photoshop file. I have been brushing up on html and css and have yet to tackle javascript. However, from the feedback I’ve been getting about what is possible with web based apps and whether or not I should be using xcode, I have struggled to get anything concrete in the way of a prototype.


Tonight I’m going to play with the arduino and try to get it to respond to data. Fingers crossed something happens.

Interaction Architecture

A week late in posting about our app architecture masterclass, but it has really helped me to get to this stage so I should talk about it.

On Monday we sat down to plan out the structure of an already existing app and then our very own. The act of taking apart an app screen by screen was really beneficial in detailing the finer points that we can sometimes miss, help us determine the over all flow of the app and generally clarify in our mind what the app needs to do.

I had always wanted the app part of my project to be simple and too the point. I had a bit of a moment a few weeks back when I wanted to add more and commercialise the experience, but thankfully have decided against that.

Below is the result of the architecture masterclass, which is my app planned out in full:


As you can see, my app only consists of 4 main screens, one of which is Twitter. I think this is important because I’m trying to encourage the user to spend as little time as possible on the app.

Since then I’ve managed to start putting together the finer points of my intended design on photoshop. So far so good..

Physical vs Digital/Waterstones Kindle Deal

James Daunt, managing director of Waterstones, talks about the collaboration with Amazon to sell Kindles and e-books. I particularly like the part near the end when he addresses the issue people might have with digital vs physical book.
I’ve been focussing my research on the idea that traditional books are becoming redundant and e-books are slowly taking over and I find it really interesting to see that large book companies like Waterstones have accepted selling e books.

Magic Hinges


The quote I used for this board was perfect for the tone that I was trying to put across. I went looking for something that emphasised the magic and intrigue that books have. It’s important that people remember the lovely simply quality of books and how they can make people feel and that’s what I was trying to convey.

I started to make them in a different style which was more sketchy and illustrative by referring to old books like ‘Peter Rabbit’, ‘Winnie the Pooh‘ and ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland‘, but I wasn’t comfortable with the style and decided to make them in my own personal style. I think it tied in well and conveyed a playful side.